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  • Desita Filter Coffee is made with a unique blend of the finest quality roasted Arabica & Robusta beans, along with a high-grade chicory giving the coffee a heavy-body, packed with delicious flavour and aroma.
  • Desita Filter Coffee makes a creamy and mild but at the same time a flavourful and robust cup of coffee. Simply brew a strong coffee decoction using traditional, South Indian Coffee Filter or a Moka-Pot or French Press and add steamed milk to the coffee decoction
  • For a creamy cup of filter coffee, the recommended coffee/ water ratio as 50gm/ 250ml, along with a coffee decoction/ milk ratio of 40ml/ 90ml.
  • This coffee is a blend of 80% Arabica and Robusta coffee and 20% of Chicory powder is that make it perfect for brewing a delicious filter coffee at home. We roast and blend in small batches every week then immediately packed and sealed to assure freshness.
  • In order to enjoy an incredible cup of coffee, you need your coffee powder in the fresh form. Use an air tight, steel, ceramic or any opaque container and keep it away from sunlight. Do not refrigerate the coffee


This is a Vegetarian product

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Desita Filter Coffee 250g, Coffee with Chicory

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