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Elevate your cold brew game with our premium coffee beans. Whether you're brewing a single glass or a large batch, our beans are tailored to provide a satisfying, refreshing, and cool coffee experience that's perfect for those warm days or any time you crave a chilled coffee treat.

Bold and Smooth Flavor: Our coffee beans are expertly chosen and roasted to deliver a bold and smooth flavor that's perfect for cold brew. Experience a rich and low-acid coffee with every sip, ensuring a refreshing and satisfying cold brew experience.

Medium-to-Dark Roast: Our beans are thoughtfully roasted to a medium-to-dark level, ensuring a deep and full-bodied flavor profile. This roast level brings out the robust coffee characteristics that are ideal for cold brewing.

Carefully Sourced Origins: We take pride in sourcing our coffee beans from premium origins known for their exceptional quality. Each batch is selected to provide a distinct and delightful taste that shines through in your cold brew.

Optimal Coarseness for Cold Brew: We grind our beans to the perfect coarseness for cold brewing. This consistency guarantees an easy and hassle-free brewing process, resulting in a cold brew that's rich, smooth, and never bitter.

Refreshingly Fresh: Freshness is our top priority. We roast our beans in small batches and package them immediately. Each bag is marked with a roast date to ensure that you enjoy the utmost freshness and flavor in every cold brew you create.


This is a Vegetarian product

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Desita Cold Brew Ground Coffee, 250g

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