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  • OUR MEDIUM-DARK ROAST COFFEE offers low acidity and a rich, heavy body. This makes a delicious cup of chocolatey, rich coffee.
  • FRESHLY ROASTED COFFEE - YOU ARE GUARANTEED TO GET A BAG OF FRESH COFFEE EVERY TIME YOU PLACE AN ORDER because, we hand roast our coffee every week in small batches, so as to get you the freshest experience, with each cup.
  • 100% PREMIUM ARABICA – Desita Coffee is a Shade Grown, Single Origin, 100% Premium Arabica Coffee with a smooth, delicious flavour and amazing aroma. Each cup is a happy experience!
  • BREW GUIDE; Fill the base of the Moka Pot with warm water to just below the release valve (2) Fill the funnel with ground coffee but not too densely. Use your finger to level the grounds (3) Insert the funnel into the bottom of the Moka Pot. Tightly screw the upper part of the pot on to the base (4) Place the Moka Pot on your gas burner on medium heat (5) When the top of the Moka Pot has your desired amount of espresso, remove it from the heat (6) Enjoy your Moka Pot coffee, with or without milk
  • STORAGE: Store ground coffee in a cool, dark place. Do not Freeze or refrigerate coffee

This is a vegetarian product

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DESITA Medium-Dark Roast Coffee, 250g. Ground Coffee for Moka Pot

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