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  • PACKED WITH FLAVOUR: Want to put together a quick stir-fry that’s delicious and easy to make? This is the base sauce you need in your kitchen. Rich salty with subtle sweet notes, it pairs well with everything you have in your refrigerator.
  • THE PERFECT SAUCE FOR EVERYONE: Whether you’re cooking dinner just for the family and kids or having guests over, this sauce sets a flavorful tone for your meals. It’s delicious and makes your meals quick to whip up. Cooking Asian meals with restaurants flavors just became easier than ever before!
  • AUTHENTIC STIR FRY SAUCE: This sauce is perfect for sweet, tangy n spicy vegetarian and non-vegetarian recipes. Try it in your next stir-fry or slather it only veggies and meats before they go on the grill. It’s a delicious show stealer!
  • EASY TO USE VEGETARIAN COOKING SAUCE: Cooking with this sauce is very easy. Sauté your veggies and meats and once they’re halfway there, add a dash of this stir-fry sauce. A few minutes more and you’ve got a delicious meal ready to eat.
  • PRESERVATIVE-FREE STIR FRY SAUCE: Imported from Malaysia, this sauce uses only the best quality natural ingredients. It’s MSG-free and contains no artificial flavors.
This is a Non-vegetarian product.
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Tai Hua STIR Fry Sauce (200g)| Non-Vegetarian Sauce for Asian Recipes | No MSG | Product of Malaysia |

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